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Region H Awards Program

Nominations for Region H Awards are open every fall semester to be awarded at either the Regional Conference or National Convention. Nominations can submitted by submitting the specific forms listed below within the published deadlines ahead of conferences. These nominations are reviewed & deliberated on by our student voting delegates at conferences, so we encourage submissions to include as much detail as possible for your nominees!

Please see a detailed description for each of our awards here & email our Region H Awards Chair with any questions.

Chapter Awards:

1. Leadership Program

2. Fellowship Program

3. Service Program

4. Membership Program

5. Inter-Chapter Relations

Submit a 2023 RH Chapter Award Nomination Here!

Individual Awards:

1. Servant Leader

2. Brotherhood Spirit

3. APO Spark

4. Recruitment

5. Inter-Chapter Relations

6. Forget-Me-Not Alumni Volunteer Award

Submit a 2023 RH Individual Award Nomination Here!

Additional Awards:

Region H Distinguish Service Key


Region H DSK Criteria:

1. Commitment & Enthusiasm

2. Reliability & Availability

3. Quality & Quantity of Service

4. Diversity of Involvement

5. Unselfish Giving of Resources

6. Outstanding Contributions Made in the Region (Serving at least 3 or more Sections)

7. Past and Present Efforts & Accomplishments for a Consistent Time Period of 1 Year or More.

8. Exemplifies the 3 Cardinal Principles of Alpha Phi Omega.

Note: Submitters must provide a letter detailing how the individual meets this criteria and any additional information regarding your desire to nominate them for our Region's highest award. Letters should be emailed to the RH Awards Chair by the deadline advertised each fall semester. 

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